System Audit

Getting a list of users

Getting an audit of users and events of when they have logged in and out.

This is the API version of the data available at https://[hostname]/settings/systemaudit


POST https://[hostname]/api/system-audit/search

Called with bearer token.

Request body

    "filters": [],
    "limit": 200,
    "page": 1


Success: 200

Set of 200 user objects.

Example user object

    "email": "",
    "audit_time": "2022-07-15T16:00:56.979661+00:00",
    "request_id": "547b4309-5094-4d6b-9f86-a8ea5e2cf9ef",
    "description": "User '' logged in.",
    "details": null,
    "audit_state": "Login",
    "user_id": "dc82244c-07c9-4c21-9988-cfd5f2d4b615",
    "id": "ef6c2130-bb38-408b-a8c7-4d26a24579be",
    "audit_type": "User"

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