How does BluBracket use my data?

First and foremost, BluBracket is committed to helping customers improve security. To that end, we minimize the data we have access to, minimize the data we store, and delete code and secrets from BluBracket systems after processing is complete.

BluBracket only stores metadata about your code and git servers, and uses cryptographic hashes to track and compare files and secrets across different contexts—BluBracket never stores sensitive data after processing.

This metadata is retained exclusively for your use on our platform, and is deleted upon termination.

BluBracket uses your data to provide services to you

We use your data to deliver the services you request of us, including providing notifications and alerts about security issues in your code. All customer data is deleted upon termination, and BluBracket minimizes the data we can access and collect as described above.

BluBracket uses data to measure, analyze, and improve the accuracy of our services to you

We use the information we have to measure and improve the effectiveness of our services to you. Additionally, we may combine that data in aggregate and anonymous form to understand and report on trends, and to optimize services for all.

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