Why should I use the BluBracket to discover secrets in code when there are so many other tools available?

Best in class secret detection

Testing demonstrates that BluBracket can identify more tokens, keys and IDs than the other tools. Additionally, it supports user-defined custom patterns so you can match whatever is important to you.

Fewest false positives

Expansive detection is critical to ensuring secrets are found, but BluBracket’s rules engine also actively eliminates potential false positives allowing developers to focus on the most important findings.

Comprehensive threat detection

In addition to secrets, BluBracket scans for the following risks in code:

Additionally, BluBracket monitors who and what has access to your code , and where your code is going .

Complete workflow

Detection is easy, but building workflows and tools that help prevent risks from getting into code , and support continuous improvement through risk scoring, filtering, and reporting is what makes BluBracket an indispensable part of modern development practices.

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