BluBracket CLI options and usage

The BluBracket CLI is a high-performance, compact risk scanner written in Go. Unlike some tools, it runs entirely locally without sending any data to remote hosts (unless explicitly configured otherwise).

Installation for Linux, macOS, and Windows is detailed here .

Key usage of the BluBracket CLI tool is as part of a local git workflow, such as for pre-commit hooks , scanning STDIN , a file or directory , or as a local gRPC server to support integrations with IDEs and other applications.

blubracket –help

Overview of BluBracket commands.

  blubracket [command]

Available Commands:
  checks            Various system checks
  commit-signing    Top level command for commands specific to commit signing
  help              Help about any command
  install-git-hooks Installs git hooks
  license           Prints the license details
  scan-dir          Scan a directory
  scan-file         Scan a file
  serve             Run gRPC server
  upload-stats      Uploads stats to BluBracket portal; normally, it should not be used directly

  -h, --help      help for blubracket
  -v, --version   version for blubracket

Commands and usage related to local git workflows are documented here , additional commands detailed below.

blubracket scan-file -h

Scanning a file or STDIN.

Scan a file

  blubracket scan-file [flags]

      --filename string   Specifies input filename in case stdin is used as input, ignored if real file is used as input
  -h, --help              help for scan-file
  -i, --input string      If specified scans that file, otherwise it scans stdin
  -o, --output string     If specified output information about found secrets to that file, otherwise stdout

blubracket scan-dir -h

Scanning a directory.

Scan a directory

  blubracket scan-dir [flags]

  -h, --help            help for scan-dir
  -o, --output string   Specifies the file to store information about found secrets (required)
  -p, --path string     If specified scans that directory, otherwise it scans current directory

blubracket serve -h

Operating as a local server to support more sophisticated integrations.

Starts a daemon that serves gRPC requests.

blubracket serve <listen-uri>
where <listen-uri> is of format <network>:<address>
<network> - must be "unix", "tcp", "tcp4", "tcp6"
<address> - specify network address

For example:
  blubracket serve unix:/tmp/blubracket-cli-server-123

  blubracket serve [flags]

  -h, --help   help for serve

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