Adding a GitHub Cloud code server on BluBracket Enterprise Edition

After selecting to add a GitHub Cloud code server , follow the instructions below to add a GitHub Organization as a code server in BluBracket.

GitHub uses the term “GitHub Cloud” to differentiate repositories hosted at from their self-hosted enterprise offering.

Each GitHub Organization is a different code server in BluBracket ( see GitHub’s docs on Organizations ).

Entering the organization name

Add token Screenshot

Enter the short form of the GitHub Organization name. The short form of the name is the version shown in the URL for the org.

For example: The Linux Foundation Engineering org’s short form name is LF-Engineering as seen in the URL on that page.

You can see all organizations you are a member of in your GitHub account at :

Viewing orgs in GitHub

Generating and entering a personal access token (PAT)

BluBracket uses a personal access token to access the repos you wish to scan ( see GitHub’s docs on personal access tokens ).

Instructions on generating and entering a personal access token.

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