Configuring global ignore rules

Ignore rules can be set up globally for a BluBracket tenant. blubracket-ignore.yaml allows Blubracket users to ignore specific secret types, secret values, or paths. This file must be sent utilizing the Blubracket API’s. When a match of the ignore file is made, an alert will not be created however an event will still be made.

Note: This will not change any existing alerts/events in the platform.

  1. Download integration API key

  2. Set environment variables

    The TOKEN for BLUBRACKET_INTEGRATION_KEY can be found in the .json file downloaded after generating an API key.

    The BLUBRACKET_HOST is the base URL for your BluBracket account, prepended with https:// and with no trailing /.

    • On Linux and macOS:
      • export BLUBRACKET_HOST=''
    • Windows:
      • $Env:BLUBRACKET_HOST =''
  3. Create blubracket-ignore.yaml

    # ignores any of the paths below
    - paths:
    # ignores any secret values below
    - secret_values:
      - My$uperDuperP@ssw0rd!
    # ignores any secret types below
    - secret_types:
      - aws_access_key_id
    # per repo-rules
    - repo_url: (?i)|crm_order_management)
        - secret_values:
          - My$uperDuperS3cret!
        - secret_types:
          - google_oauth
        - paths:
          - helm/values.yaml
  4. Upload yaml file via API using curl:

    curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ${BLUBRACKET_INTEGRATION_KEY}" --data-binary "@blubracket-ignore.yaml" ${BLUBRACKET_HOST}/api/public/blubracket-ignore
  5. Confirm upload using:

    curl -i -H "Authorization: Bearer ${BLUBRACKET_INTEGRATION_KEY}" ${BLUBRACKET_HOST}/api/public/blubracket-ignore
  6. To delete blubracket-ignore:

    curl -i -X DELETE -H "Authorization: Bearer ${BLUBRACKET_INTEGRATION_KEY}" ${BLUBRACKET_HOST}/api/public/blubracket-ignore

Any new secrets, PII or Non-inclusive language ignored will automatically be annotated as “Reviewed as Not Important” and labeled as “Ignore rule”

alert screenshot

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