Jira Subscription


Creating a Jira Subscription

  1. Navigate to Jira integrations by clicking the Jira link on the integrations page

  2. Click the + SUBSCRIPTION button to begin the creation process.

  3. Choose a name for the subscription as well as the saved filters you would like the subscription to be based on.

  4. Choose the connection for the subscription output.

  5. Enter the Jira project key

    • The project key can be found after /projects/ in the url example.atlassian.net/jira/software/c/projects/ENG
  6. Enter the Jira issue type

  7. Enter the Jira assignee id

    • The assignee id can be found after selecting a user filter at the end of the url: example.atlassian.net/…/assignee=5e6e72063e42490c3801493c
  8. Enter the Priority

  9. Click SAVE

BluBracket events matching your filters will create tickets in the specified Jira project.

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