What is BluBracket?

BluBracket is a code and git security suite that identifies risks in your code, monitors who and what has access to your code, and tracks where your code goes outside your git repos.

BluBracket use-cases

Who is BluBracket for?

BluBracket is for individual developers, development and appsec teams of all sizes, and enterprise infosec teams.

How BluBracket works

BluBracket has two parallel modes of operation:

  1. As a SaaS suite providing protection and alerts across a codebase, supporting the detection, analysis, and remediation of security risks in the code and related to code access
  2. As a local code security tool , with integrations to popular IDEs to support immediate identification of potential risks in the code, without the risk of sending that code to remote servers

And BluBracket integrates at multiple points in the SDLC workflow:

Where does BluBracket integrate?

How to get started with BluBracket

Our Community Edition is always free and you can do a no-obligation trial of our Team Edition, just sign in here to get started . Interested in all our features? Contact our customer success team for a free Enterprise Edition demo .

See all the steps to getting started for free, online here .

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