2021-03-12 release

New Features and Enhancements

New Public APIs

  • Two new APIs have been added to the list of public APIs available. The two new APIs allow users to dismiss alerts and re-enabled alerts that have been dismissed. This is especially important for users that have integrated with their CICD solutions and want to complete the loop. For example, a developer commits code that triggers a BluBracket alert, the user’s CICD integration recognizes the alert, creates a ticket and notification to the appropriate developer/administrator to remediate the issue, the developer/administrator remediates and closes the ticket, which triggers the API to dismissed the addressed alert in BluBracket.

  • For additional information on available BluBracket APIs navigate to the support documentation here .

Bug Fixes

  • CORE-4127 - description of “Repository pushed to public server” was showing up in red text. Has been addressed.

  • CORE-4927 - Developer Type chart on the BluPrint page was showing a drop-down that should not have been there. This has been fixed.

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