2021-09-07 release

New Features and Enhancements

  • Access Risk Categories now links to appropriate alerts in the repo details page.

  • Enhanced Code Server onboarding for Bitbucket and GitLab.

  • Updated Infrastructure Code Alerts and Events to be more descriptive.

  • Added breadcrumbs to repository details page in portal.

  • Updated support for global Ignore.yaml. If you place a folder labeled “.blubracket” into a repository, then create a file called ignore.yaml in the .blubracket folder (see example below), you are able to ignore all of a certain type of secret from being detected as an alert within the BluBracket portal.

    • ignore.yaml example below will ignore all secrets values for the type aws_secret_key

# ignores any secret types below

# secret_type == password_assignment OR secret_type == secret_assignment

- secret_types:

- aws_secret_key

The ignore.yaml file can also be configured to ignore paths, or secret types.

Contact support for more information on the global ignore feature

Free Trial Edition

The Enterprise Edition features and bug fixes listed in these release notes also apply to the Free Trial Edition.

  • Improved Repo selection page when onboarding a new Code Server

Bug Fixes

  • Fix page count from erroring out when applying filters

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