2021-11-22 release

New Features and Enhancements

  • “Other” type has been added to the Secret Types pie chart on the BluPrint page. The pie chart should now show the top 6 secret types as well as a 7th that is composed of all of the remaining types. Clicking on any of the pie sections should take the user to a filtered table for the selected secret type.
  • Many additional enhancements have been added to identify false positives where secrets are concerned.
  • Additional tags have been added to auto-dismissed secrets - staging and sample
  • False positive improvements made with regards to passwords found in XML files

Bug Fixes

  • CORE-8828 - Descriptions in Alerts and Events were not matching for Non-inclusive Language. Events were just showing “Customer Regex” instead of helpful description.
  • Many bug fixes with regards to false positives as well.

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